Oregon State University Security Club

OSUSEC has a lab environment that’s available to all club members. To access the systems, you’ll need to be on-campus or connected to the OSU VPN.

Important Note: Self Registration is currently not available, to register please fill out this form and you will recieve an email once your account has been created.

To get started, you’ll need to register for an account and agree to the terms of use here (see above). Our Linux systems use SSH key-based authentication, so make sure not to lose your private key.

If you lose access to your account, or have any problems with the lab environment, contact an Officer on Discord or email us.

Available systems:

  • windows-ida
    • ¬†Use this system for IDA Pro and other Windows stuff
    • Connect via RDP
    • Available software
      • IDA Pro (including Hex-Rays decompiler)
        • 32-bit and 64-bit are pinned to the Start menu
  • linux-ida
    • Use this system primarily for IDA Pro (for general Linux, see bigboi)
    • Connect via SSH with X11 forwarding
    • Available software
      • IDA Pro (including Hex-Rays decompiler)
        • Run ida for 32bit, ida64 for 64bit
  • bigboi
    • General use Linux server (lots of CPU cores available, AMD Threadripper)
    • Connect via SSH


  • CTFd
  • Lab web front-end
    • Hosts the self-registration system (more in the future)
  • GitLab
    • Must use your ONID email to register (you can add more emails to your account once you register)
      • The self registration system doesn’t create a Gitlab account for you
    • Feel free to put any related projects on there