Category: Writeups

Oregon State University Security Club

Crowdstrike Adversary Quest – Much Sad

Solving the introductory challenge Much Sad from the Catapult Spider section of the Crowdstrike Adversary Challenge.

0x41414141 CTF – 0x414141

Solving the challenge 0x414141 from 0x41414141 CTF 2020.

BSidesPDX – Down the Rabbit Hole

Solving the third Over The Air challenge from BSidesPDX 2020, named “Down The Rabbit Hole”

BSidesPDX – Xclusive Numborz

Solving the second OTA challenge, “Xclusive Numborz” from BSidesPDX CTF 2020.

BSidesPDX – Please Stand By

Solving the first OTA challenge from BSidesPDX CTF 2020, named “Please Stand By”

EkoPartyCTF – Env

Solving Git challenge 3, env, from EkoParty CTF 2020

EkoPartyCTF – Docs

Solving Git challenge 2, docs, from EkoPartyCTF 2020

EkoPartyCTF – Leak

Solving Git challenge 1: leak from EkoParty CTF 2020

Fword CTF – Identity Fraud

Solving Identity Fraud, the easiest OSINT challenge from Fword CTF 2020

NahamConCTF – Tron

Solving the OSINT challenge Tron, from NahamCon CTF 2020