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Oregon State University Security Club

Meeting Notes 10/6

Thank you to all the members that attended this meeting! We covered lockpicking basics, legality and ethics, before Ryan presented a live demonstration of picking a lock. Then, each table had a selection of locks of increasing difficulty and tools to try to pick them with. Here are the slides (requires ONID login): Google Slides…
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Welcome to DamCTF


Meeting Notes 1/24

Tonight we worked on buffer overflows, and some binaries on the new OSUSEC CTF platform. Slides (requires ONID login) Next week, we’re going to work on similar binaries, but comparing the assembly code with the C code.

Meeting 10/4

Thanks to Akshith for a great presentation on Blockchain! For those of you who were unable to make it, here is a link to the slides: Announcements from today’s meeting: If you are interested in working in the Information Security Office here at OSU, make sure to apply here: If you have any…
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