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Oregon State University Security Club

Meeting Notes 1/10

Thanks for a great first meeting for Winter 2019! Here is a link to the slides (requires ONID login): Slides For those of you who were unable to make it, here’s a brief summary of what we went over. Mostly, it was just talking about what’s coming for the rest of the term: Updates on…
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Welcome to Winter 2019!

Happy New Years! Our first meeting will be this Thursday at 7pm in KEC1003, and we will be meeting at the same time/place the whole term. Some things to look forward to for this term: I’m working with NetSPI to have them come back with a more technical presentation and hopefully some labs, so that…
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Meeting Notes 11/15

Thanks for a great last meeting for the Fall term! I gave a talk on all of the low-level architecture and x86 assembly content needed to get started with binary pwning, here is a link to the slides. Hopefully, this is enough to get you all started! Have a great winter break!

Meeting Notes 11/1

Thanks to Karl Fosaaen from NetSPI for the awesome presentation on an introduction to penetration testing! Remember, if you want to learn about these things on your own, please make sure to do it on your own network and devices. I’ll update this post with a link to the slides when they become available. I…
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Meeting Notes 10/25

Thanks to Emily for the great talk on SIEMs (Security Incident and Event Management)! Here is a link to the slides. Announcements from tonight’s meeting: Make sure to RSVP for the NetSPI event happening next week (during our normal meeting time)! Here is a link to the form. Oct. 25 is the last day to…
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Meeting Notes 10/18

Thanks Zach for the awesome presentation tonight on Network Security Monitoring! I’ll update this post with a link to the slides once they are available. Announcements from tonight’s meeting: Make sure you are on Discord/SLI. Links are on the homepage for those. We will be hosting NetSPI on November 1st. They will be bringing pizza,…
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Meeting 9/27

Thanks for the awesome turnout tonight! I’ll make a permanent reservation for that space, as it seems like we have a lot more members this year, which is fantastic! Here is a link to the slides for tonight’s meeting: (NOTE: you need to sign in with your OSU account to view them) Please make…
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