Oregon State University Security Club

IJCTF – Vault Writeup

Solving the Misc Challenge “Vault” at IJCTF 2020

PRCCDC 2020 Results

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the in-person Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (PRCCDC) was unfortunately cancelled. However, PRCCDC, working in combination with NCCDC, allowed all of the Pacific Rim teams to compete in the National Wildcard Event, which was held online on April 11th, 2020. I am pleased to announce that OSUSEC placed…
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ByteBanditsCTF – string.equals(integer) Writeup

Solving ByteBanditsCTF 2020’s string.equals(integer) problem.

AUCTF – Who Made Me

Solving the OSINT Challenge Who Made Me from AUCTF 2020

AUCTF – OSINT You All Over The Place

Solving the OSINT You All Over The Place challenge from AUCTF 2020

AUCTF – Good Old Days

Solving the OSINT challenge Good Old Days from AUCTF 2020

AUCTF – ALIedAS About Some Thing

Solving OSINT challenge ALIedAS About Some Thing from AUCTF 2020

MidnightsunCTF – Snake++

Solving Snake++ at MidnightSun CTF 2020


Solving the RSAPWN challenge from TAMUCTF 2020


Solutions to the Al Capone challenge at TAMUCTF 2020