Oregon State University Security Club

EkoPartyCTF – Leak

Solving Git challenge 1: leak from EkoParty CTF 2020

Fword CTF – Identity Fraud

Solving Identity Fraud, the easiest OSINT challenge from Fword CTF 2020

NahamConCTF – Tron

Solving the OSINT challenge Tron, from NahamCon CTF 2020

NahamConCTF – Time Keeper

Solving the OSINT challenge Time Keeper from NahamCon CTF 2020

NahamConCTF – Microsooft

Solving the challenge Microsooft from NahamCon CTF 2020

NahamConCTF – Finsta

Solving the OSINT challenge Finsta from NahamCon CTF 2020

NahamConCTF – Fake File

Solving the Fake File challenge at NahamCon CTF 2020

Thank You

Being your club president for the last 3 years has been an incredible experience. Back in Fall 2017 when I first came to OSU, the club had maybe 20-30 members and wasn’t involved in CTF or CDC at all. Now, we’ve reached nearly 300 members, play CTF nearly every weekend, and have many 1st place…
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HouseplantCTF – Satan’s Jigsaw Writeup

Solving Satan’s Jigsaw puzzle from Houseplant CTF 2020

HouseplantCTF – Catography Writeup

Solving the challenge “Catography” from Houseplant CTF 2020.