Oregon State University Security Club


[ Image: Members of OSUSEC’s CDC Team ] This past weekend, OSUSEC’s Cyber Defense team competed in PRCCDC, our regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. The competition required us to secure and administer a handful of networks full of virtual machines hosting common business services, as well as continuously respond to IT request tickets and deliver…
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Meeting Notes 11/09

[ Image: Casey Colley explaining a design of their project to use as an example. ] Howdy hackers! Last night, I covered cybersecurity in software development. I talked about how you can incorporate security into each stage of the Software Development Lifecycle, some examples of how that has gone wrong in real life software projects,…
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Cyberforce Competition 2022

[ Image: Members of OSUSEC’s CDC Team and chaperone Emily Longman ] This past weekend, OSUSEC’s Cyberdefense Competition team flew out to Chicago, IL to compete in the Department of Energy’s Cyberforce Competition! We were tasked with securing and administering a network of 6 virtual machines, then defending it against a team of hackers. Cyberforce…
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Meeting Notes 11/02

[ Image: NetSPI logo ] Howdy hackers! Welcome to the second half of Fall term! Tonight we hosted NetSPI: Senior Director Karl Fosaaen and Security Consultant (and former club member) Michael Jereza. They walked us through penetration testing as a career, what work is like at NetSPI, their NetSPI University program, and some entertaining stories…
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Meeting Notes 10/19

[ Image: OSUSEC members try an intro pwn challenge, including 1337 hackors Alex Marx and Milan Donhowe ] Howdy hackers! Hope your week 4 is going well. Tonight Cameron introduced Reversed Engineering (“Rev”) challenges and how to pwn them. Rev and pwn challenges are a staple of CTF competitions, and we covered a few of…
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Meeting Notes 10/12

[ Image: Matt Jansen and Jake Johanson dive deeper after finishing the same task ] Howdy hackers! Thanks to everyone who showed up tonight! Tonight we introduced the NSA Codebreaker Challenge, and held a work party. Hopefully you were able to make some progress on Tasks in a focused environment and get free dinner! We…
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BSidesPDX 2022

[ Image: OSUSEC members pose on stage after their first-place win being announced. ] Howdy Hackers! This Friday, a group of OSUSEC members took a day trip up to Portland to attend BSidesPDX 2022 and compete in their CTF. We had an absolute blast, winning first place in the CTF, attending many interesting talks, and…
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Meeting Notes 10/05

[ Image: Casey Colley explaining business injects of CyberDefense Competitions. ] Howdy hackers! Thanks to everyone who showed up, and we hope it was enjoyable and informative! Tonight we introduced Cyber Defense Competitions. We covered some of the skills and areas you would learn by playing in a CDC, what makes them fun, and the…
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Meeting Notes 9/28

[ Image: Cameron McCawley debriefing the club on activities for this year. ] Howdy hackers! Thanks to everyone who showed up to the first meeting and we hope it was fun and informative!! Tonight we helped break in the new year for the club, and many people walked away from the meeting with new OSUSEC…
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2022-2023 OSUSEC Officers Decided

The votes are in! After an entertaining election with some contested positions and contestants running from the floor, the officers for the next academic year, 2022-2023. President: Cameron McCawleyVice President: Casey ColleyTreasurer: Mike CarrisLab Manager: Lucas BallCTF League Coordinator: Allen BenjaminRecruitment Officer: Brandon Ellis (Interim)Community Manager: Gabriel Kulp Thanks to everyone who participated!