Author: Zander Work

Oregon State University Security Club

Meeting Notes 10/18

Thanks Zach for the awesome presentation tonight on Network Security Monitoring! I’ll update this post with a link to the slides once they are available. Announcements from tonight’s meeting: Make sure you are on Discord/SLI. Links are on the homepage for those. We will be hosting NetSPI on November 1st. They will be bringing pizza,…
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Meeting 10/4

Thanks to Akshith for a great presentation on Blockchain! For those of you who were unable to make it, here is a link to the slides: Announcements from today’s meeting: If you are interested in working in the Information Security Office here at OSU, make sure to apply here: If you have any…
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Meeting 9/27

Thanks for the awesome turnout tonight! I’ll make a permanent reservation for that space, as it seems like we have a lot more members this year, which is fantastic! Here is a link to the slides for tonight’s meeting: (NOTE: you need to sign in with your OSU account to view them) Please make…
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Cyberforce Competition

The Cyberforce Competition (formerly known as the Department of Energy Cyber Defense Competition) is coming up in a couple months, and it’s time to start getting ready! If you are interested in being on the team for this competition, please fill out the form here by October 10th. Requirements for applying: You will be able…
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It’s time to start getting ready for CSAW CTF!!! If we qualify for the finals, we will send 4 people to New York to compete. The way we will be selecting the four people is as follows: Register on CSAW 365 ( Join our class so that I can keep track of your score (Please…
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OSUSEC Wins Department of Energy Cyber Defense Competition

Over the past weekend, OSUSEC competed in the Department of Energy Cyber Defense Competition (DOE CDC), and placed 1st regionally (US West), and 4th nationwide. The team was responsible for deploying multiple Windows and Linux systems and securing them against live attacks for 8 hours. The members of the team were: Zander Work Zach Rogers…
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