Author: Lyell Read

Oregon State University Security Club


Solving the Misc Geography problem from TAMUCTF 2020


Solving the Woof Woof challenge from TAMUCTF 2020

VolgaCTF – excellent-crackme

Solving challenge excellent-crackme from VolgaCTF 2020

FireshellCTF – Against the Perfect discord Inquisitor 1 and 2

Solving both Against the Perfect discord Inquisitor 1 and Against the Perfect discord Inquisitor 2 from FireshellCTF 2020

DefCon Qualifiers 2019 – redacted-puzzle

Solving redacted-puzzle from DefCon Qualifiers 2019

ångstromCTF Рlithp

Solving a lisp challenge with no actual understanding of lisp.

ångstromCTF Рstreams

Problem White noise is useful whether you are trying to sleep, relaxing, or concentrating on writing papers. Find some natural white noise here. Note: The flag is all lowercase and follows the standard format (e.g. actf{example_flag}) Author: ctfhaxor Points: 70 Hint: Are you sure that’s an mp4 file? What’s inside the file? Solution First, we…
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