Author: Lyell Read

Oregon State University Security Club

HouseplantCTF – Catography Writeup

Solving the challenge “Catography” from Houseplant CTF 2020.

IJCTF – Vault Writeup

Solving the Misc Challenge “Vault” at IJCTF 2020

ByteBanditsCTF – string.equals(integer) Writeup

Solving ByteBanditsCTF 2020’s string.equals(integer) problem.

AUCTF – Who Made Me

Solving the OSINT Challenge Who Made Me from AUCTF 2020

AUCTF – OSINT You All Over The Place

Solving the OSINT You All Over The Place challenge from AUCTF 2020

AUCTF – Good Old Days

Solving the OSINT challenge Good Old Days from AUCTF 2020

AUCTF – ALIedAS About Some Thing

Solving OSINT challenge ALIedAS About Some Thing from AUCTF 2020

MidnightsunCTF – Snake++

Solving Snake++ at MidnightSun CTF 2020


Solving the RSAPWN challenge from TAMUCTF 2020


Solutions to the Al Capone challenge at TAMUCTF 2020