Month: October 2021

Oregon State University Security Club

Meeting Notes 10/27

Thank you to everyone who attended! This meeting covered an introduction to NSA Codebreaker Challenge, including some common tools and strategies used to solve challenges 0-6. Here are the slides (requires ONID login): Google Slides for 10/27/2021 The next couple meetings will be as follows: CTF League on Friday 10/29/2021 @ 6:00pm – 8:00pm in…
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Meeting Notes 10/6

Thank you to all the members that attended this meeting! We covered lockpicking basics, legality and ethics, before Ryan presented a live demonstration of picking a lock. Then, each table had a selection of locks of increasing difficulty and tools to try to pick them with. Here are the slides (requires ONID login): Google Slides…
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Meeting Notes 10/1

Thank you to everyone for coming to our first meeting this year! We had well over our expected 70 people in attendance. We introduced OSUSEC, what we do, how our Discord server works, as well as some ethics. We introduced members to Capture The Flag, and we delved into the first CTF League challenge of…
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