Month: October 2018

Oregon State University Security Club

Meeting Notes 10/25

Thanks to Emily for the great talk on SIEMs (Security Incident and Event Management)! Here is a link to the slides. Announcements from tonight’s meeting: Make sure to RSVP for the NetSPI event happening next week (during our normal meeting time)! Here is a link to the form. Oct. 25 is the last day to…
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HITCON CTF 2018 – EV3 Basic

Link to GitHub Even though this was a pretty simple challenge, I really enjoyed it and wanted to do a write-up for it anyways. EV3 is the latest generation of the LEGO Mindstorms robots, and thanks to this challenge I know a lot more about the Mindstorms Communication and Firmware Developer Kits than I ever…
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Meeting Notes 10/18

Thanks Zach for the awesome presentation tonight on Network Security Monitoring! I’ll update this post with a link to the slides once they are available. Announcements from tonight’s meeting: Make sure you are on Discord/SLI. Links are on the homepage for those. We will be hosting NetSPI on November 1st. They will be bringing pizza,…
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Meeting 10/4

Thanks to Akshith for a great presentation on Blockchain! For those of you who were unable to make it, here is a link to the slides: Announcements from today’s meeting: If you are interested in working in the Information Security Office here at OSU, make sure to apply here: If you have any…
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